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Heal The Sick.

Help The Needy.


Thou Shalt Not Kill.


Prof. Obadiah Oghoerore Alegbe PhD

For Doctors both Traditional and Modernized to store basic Datum of their patients.


Anyone can register to enter personal medical atention information.

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Input here you Medical Datum.

See all your records

You can input your records here and consult it when you want

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Consult a Doctor or Healer

If you want to consult a doctor on any topic as regards Health , do it here.

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Registered Doctor can check records here.

Once Registered, you have access to check the records of your Patients here.. .

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Virtual Medic

Connect with Doctors

From you phones, Tablets etc connect to Doctors.

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Request for Doctor

If you live in the zone with Doctors registered with us, request here for one..

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