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For Administrative Purpose

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Everyone using this platform must have a user and password.
There is a Master Password that only allows Operators to be added and the function of each Operator. That is the first step.
Your Operators List:
After entering the Master Password, the list of Operators will be seen, you can select any operator to update the datum. There are three categories of Operators:

  • Admin which is the most powerful that allows operating any of the links here. It allows Assigning Professionals to Patients after reading the notes from patients. The Admin has the power to register Professionals and Patients
  • -Auditor: He has the power to correct what the Professional has written and update the database.
  • Operator: Operators can also assign Professionals to the patients, they also can register Patients and Professionals.
Your Operators :
  • List lists al the operators registered into the System, can also edit datum and also register new ones.
Your Professionals List:
  • : The Administrators and Operators can see the list of Professionals, edit and update the datum while also can register new ones.
Patient’s List: :
  • The Administrator and Operators can access the list of Patients, edit and update the datum and also register new patients
Assign Medics to Patients:
  • : After a Patients registers new consulting, the system sends a message to the Operators who will after reading the notes from patients will assign a Professional to attend it.
Medic Auditor:
  • After the professional has finished responding to the Patients, a message will be sent to the Medic Auditor who will read the Diagnostics, Response and Prescription there in. If there be errors, the Auditor will correct and update it. After that the message will be sent to the patients by mail with a code and links of where to find the Indications and Prescription.